Earlier than she can remember Dayna was singing and dancing through life. Born in Edmonton Alberta, she quickly chose her first passion; ballet, and with the help of constantly supportive parents, pursued her dreams.

Her journey brought her across the country and the world, including training at The National Ballet School in Toronto, L’ecole Superior de Danse du Quebec in Montreal, and finally spending three years at Elmhurst; the School for Dance and Performing Arts in Camberley, England.

After returning to Edmonton, her focus shifted and she began more seriously exploring other outlets for her creativity. She discovered the joy and freedom of being able to express herself through acting, singing and dancing, and has been hooked ever since. At 17, after completing her final two years of High School in Edmonton, she found her way to Toronto to attend the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts. Since graduating “Triple Threat Award” winner, Dayna has begun to make her presence known on stages across North America.

To each project she works on, Dayna brings passion, talent, maturity and experience beyond her years.

Over the last several years she has devoted much of her time to puppeteering the life size horses of the world renowned War Horse, developed by The National Theatre and Handspring Puppet Company. The production required a great deal of training, skill and devotion and allowed Dayna the opportunity to bring the show not only to the Toronto stage, but also to theatres across North America and finally Japan with the US National Tour.

With her suitcases now unpacked, Dayna makes New York City home, while continuing take advantage of her dual citizenship to work on either side of the border. Most recently she had the opportunity to play the iconic role of “Morticia Addams” in Neptune Theatre’s production of The Addams Family and “Fraulein Kost” in Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre’s Cabaret. This summer she tackled 18 songs as “Clara” in Broadway on Argyle St, including classics like Defying Gravity, Don’t Rain on My Parade, Roxie and On My Own.